I’m pretty excited about these new screen prints. They were launched for the first time at Life InStyle Sydney, where they received an amazing response – I was actually concerned that I was going to sell out of them to all my beautiful wholesale customers! Thankfully they’re are a few left that can be purchased at my online shop.

These artworks were hand screen printed in Australia and are an extremely limited run of 30 and come signed and numbered. They measure 50cm x 50cm and fit perfectly in an IKEA Ribba frame (they are sold unframed).

The darker pink and teal are neon and look brilliant in real life! If you’d like more information regarding these prints, feel free to shoot me an email at enquiries@ellaleachdesigns.com


Last year I was delighted to stumble upon the beautiful products of Eastern Weft in a pop up store in Sydney. I was completely smitten by their gorgeous textiles and beautiful colours, but it was the philosophy behind the company that I truly loved. Each of the products is made from recycled textiles by artisans in Laos, Vietnam. For instance the clutches are made from the fabric of the carriers that the Hmong village women use for their babies.

As Samorn Sanixay and Kaisy Sopabmixay, the founders of Eastern Weft so clearly articulate:

Our young weavers are from ethnic minority hill tribes, therefore bringing their own skills, techniques and traditional motifs into the process. All of this allows one to become part of the story behind each creation.

Eastern Weft works to enhance the lives of our gifted artisans through fair wages, education but most importantly through individual creativity.

Be sure to pop over and check out their beautiful collection and support such an inspiring company!


Well, it certainly has been a while since I updated this blog – hasn’t it? It wasn’t that I deliberately set about to take time off from this space, but more a case of time quietly slipping by. Before I knew it, it was Christmas, and then it’s a new year – filled with new possibilities, planning and excitement.

To be honest, the last six months of 2013 were some of the most challenging and stressful that I have experienced. Both Matt and I were extraordinarily busy, trying to keep up with the demands of work, relationships and life in general. To say that we reached December feeling overwhelmed and completely exhausted would be an understatement. 2013 stretched us in all aspects of our lives, with several experiences during that time that we hope not to be challenged by again any time soon.

I’ve decided that I don’t like making statements about what I think the year ahead will be like, but rather my ‘new years resolution’, if you will, is to take things as they come. To try to make the most of each day and plan mainly for the week ahead – rather than for three or four months down the track. Like most resolutions, I’m not sure how well I’ll keep to it, but I’m hoping for a year where I’m content with what I’m dealt (whether good or bad), rather than overwhelmed by it. I AM excited by 2014 and a year filled with possibilities!

Having said all this, my aim to live in the moment, is being put into practice as I’m currently organising all the last minute bits and pieces for Life InStyle – a retail trade show here in Sydney.  If you happen to be in Sydney and are thinking of coming to the show, please do stop by my booth (1228) and say ‘hello’.

I’m intent on being in this space much more regularly than I have been. If you’ve been checking in from time to time, thank you and happy new year! I hope that you’re looking forward to all the things this new year might hold for you too.

Photos from the last week of our holidays – we treated ourselves with a trip to Fiji in an attempt to really relax and switch off. We concluded while we were there that it was possibly the best decision we’d made all year!

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After I have finished work for the day, and Matt and I have cleared up from dinner – it is not uncommon for us to sit and watch our favourite program, or movie on the television. It’s a time for relaxing and unwinding…

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It seems to have been a bit of a paper cut themed week but I couldn’t resist this lovely piece and it’s powerful message also.

Hope yours is a wonderful weekend.

*image originally found on pinterest and linked from here

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Four years ago I purchased this stunning print from paper cutting genius’ Famille Summerbelle (at the time they offered a hot pink version, which was the one I bought). It’s still the single most commented on item in my apartment, and I love standing by it and discovering something new. This new Map of France print delights me just as much, undoubtedly because as I type this my parents are traveling that magnificent country with my brother who has called Paris home for just shy of a year. Perhaps if it were on my wall, I wouldn’t feel quite so envious of their adventures?!

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Sydney has had the most abysmal weather the last week and a bit. The clouds have hung low and the skies have emptied torrents of rain. It’s been cold and bleak to say the least. Sadly, the weather has at times matched my mood. I’ve tried hard to blame the weather for my mood, but the truth is – sometimes life is hard and it can be tricky to remember the good times through the tough ones. We’ve had bad news on a personal level that has weighed heavily on our hearts and work has been busy, but oh so stressful.

Is it just me, or is it especially difficult to be motivated, much less inspired when life is challenging?

This weekend despite the weather and it’s grey overtones, Matt and I took the time to wander the city of Sydney. We didn’t spend a long time there, just enough to tick a few jobs off our ‘do-on-a-rainy-day’ list. As we were wandering back to our car we happened upon the Marimekko store. It’s been open for a good 6 months or so and has been somewhere I’d been itching to visit, but never had the time or reason to go. I can’t tell you how much a quiet peruse of this design emporium lifted my mood – but what’s better, I left feeling inspired! It was as though I’d walked into Springtime when I walked through the store doors, and all the misery and sadness of Winter was left at the door. The bold, beautiful patterns and lively colour palettes warmed me and helped remind me the delight that it is to design. In every nook and cranny was something to catch my eye, something to appreciate and take in.

I was so thankful for that time. In the half hour or so that I was there, it was as if I could feel the thick haze I’d been struggling through gently begin to lift. And you know what? Today, two days later, it’s sunny again. The air is still crisp, but the clouds have parted – and in that simple process I’ve remembered, how necessary the rain is for nourishment. That it’s part of the cycles of the seasons and that “bad” weather can indeed be so very good. In the same way isn’t it true that the tough times in our lives are the times that grow us and shape us?

The precious time spent on a wet, dreary Saturday reminded me that we are refined by fire, for the better.

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* The Javits Center foyer – not a bad view as we leave the show each evening

It is hard to believe that the National Stationery Show for 2013 is nearly over. Was it really a full year ago that Matt and I were here, exhibiting for the first time in 2012? The lack of regular blog posts for the last few months could largely be blamed on the preparation for this inspiring trade show. The time it has taken me to post about it (tomorrow will be the last day) is a consequence of sheer exhaustion!  

What a privilege it is to be a part of this event. The location, participants and attendees for this show are some of the highlights for my year, it truly is an inspiring time. I have had such a wonderful time meeting old friends and making new ones – if you are one of them, thank you! You make all the hard work worthwhile.

A post about the stationery show wouldn’t be complete without some shots of our booth – it is a wonderfully satisfying experience to see your product come to life like this.

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Happy Friday! Good or bad, there’s always tomorrow.

Gorgeous artwork is by talented Danielle Kroll.

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Currently loving the illustrative genius of Nicholas John Frith. Don’t you just adore their subtle vintage feel? I hope you too can find something inspiring for your Friday!

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