waiting at LAX

We were so thankful to arrive with all our luggage at the expected time late on Wednesday evening. After our eventful and long flights to the UK 18 months ago, a slight hold up for security (even the dog squad was called!) at LAX only seemed like a gentle hiccup in the scheme of things.

The hotel we are staying at is a 10 minute walk to Time Square, and so after checking ourselves in we briefly wandered up to this marketing masterpiece. The place glows! 

Having slept a whopping 12 hours we woke on Thursday morning to beautiful warm weather and the distant hum of traffic, the Big Apple in all her glory! The first thing we were wanting to do was take some time to orient ourselves with the Javits Centre, where the Stationery show is to be held. I really wanted to see what the booth was like, even knowing that it would just be a shell. 

 After having a quick wander around, we made the most of an afternoon off (there is little we could get done until our walls arrive at noon tomorrow). For the most part we spent time in and around the area of our hotel.

To make the most of what will possibly be our only quiet day this first week, we traipsed back to Times Square and booked tickets to see a show on Broadway. My sister in law had recommended Memphis and we were not disappointed. It reminded us of Jersey Boys, which we had both enjoyed seeing while it was showing in Melbourne a couple of years ago. A phenomenal band and performers with the most amazing voices – without question a great introduction to the theatre of America. 

Tomorrow will be spent entirely at the show – unpacking, erecting walls, and initial stages of decorating. Here’s hoping the tiredness from our jetlag doesn’t effect our moods too much, and that we are able to get the job done relatively smoothly!

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2 Responses to hello from the US of A

  1. Ray and Glenda says:

    Thanks for your interesting blog. Great to hear you have arrived and all is going well. Can’t wait to see the booth when it is decorated. Glad you enjoyed the musical….what a great experience you will have there.
    Have a good day.Love you,
    Mum and Dad

  2. Martlie says:

    Hi, Ella and Matt

    So glad you (and all your luggage) are safe at your destination. Good luck with the show. We know and pray that all will work out perfectly! Have a wonderful time.

    Martlie & morne

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