When I had originally mentioned the National Stationery Show to Matt, it was as something I was interested in doing during a trip we were planning to visit his sister (who currently lives in the USA). If you had have asked me back then if I thought I’d be exhibiting at it, the answer would have been a flat out no. My husband however, dreams big. This ability of his is something that I am eternally grateful for. When it came to the Stationery Show he could not only see my potential, but he believed in me so much that he has unceasingly supported me and cheered me on. I could not have done it without him, and I am so glad he encouraged me in the first place.

night markets located near the Flatiron Building - love the Marimekko umbrellas

Career wise, this last week has been one of the most satisfying and enriching for me to date. I have grown and learnt so much – but beyond that, I have established friendships with people that I couldn’t have, had I not come all this way. Packing up the booth yesterday felt like a real turning point for me. I feel invigorated about my work in a whole new way, and am so very excited about what lies ahead of me. Matt and I have already started planning next years show! To be honest, I think know Matt found it much more inspiring looking at how other people had constructed their booths, than what was actually showcased in them. Gotta love the builder in that boy!

Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me and believed in me. Your support and kind words have meant more than any of you will ever know. I feel like a little of each of you were represented on the walls of my booth this week just gone!

For an idea of some of the people that I shared my week with, head on over to Letter C Design and eleven56. Cindy (Letter C Design) and Mary (eleven56), are not only two extremely talented women, they are kind and lovely to boot. I look forward to seeing how their work develops in the months and years to come. You can also see more of the show over at Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Photos are from a few of our evening strolls here, usually in search of food and somewhere to rest before hitting the sack back at the apartment.

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2 Responses to turning point

  1. Cathy and Jeff says:

    Awesome stuff, Ella! Glad the show has inspired you to bigger and better things. Enjoy the rest of your stay in the great ol’ US of A. Look forward to hearing more when you return!

  2. Matt and Shell says:

    Hey Matt and Ella, we have loved reading your blog and are so excited (yet not at all surprised) that things have gone so well. You make a great design team!I’ve flagged the possibility of commissioning you to design some wallpaper for me!! Thinking it will look fab on a feature wall (and may be used to decorate next years booth?!? Very cool! Love you both. God bless and see you soon back is Oz. Matt and Shell xoxo

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