While staying warm, tucked up in bed for the whole day is an entirely enticing activity on account of the weather of late, I assure you it is not the reason for my absence from this space!

Life has been busy. For the most part it has been busy in a good way, but last week it was also busy preparing for the funeral of a dear friend. The passing of this friend was not unexpected, but by the weekend I was astonished by just how sapped of energy I felt. It feels good to be back working this week – one that I am hoping will be a little quieter than the past few have been, perhaps even with some time for designing? Isn’t that a lovely thought!

Because my weeks have largely been overwhelmed by paper work and follow up from our trip in May, I’ve been taking time out each day to be inspired by the many delights on Pinterest. I cannot wait to finally be able to design from the many ideas I’ve been collating. Have you discovered Pinterest? I adore it. Here’s what I’ve been loving of late.

Nothing is so wonderful as time away from work and stress – particularly not when that time is spent in good company. In the midst of our busyness we were fortunate to catch up with some very good friends who were holidaying on the central coast of New South Wales. Our days were spent with good conversation, ferry trips and doting over their gorgeous children.

We were even blessed with sunny clear skies – a good reminder that winter, and tough times are not forever!

Here’s hoping for a great week for each of you also!



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