The cuddly characters of the Walnut Animal Society made me smile this morning. Are they not the most adorable things you have ever seen? Designer Lauren Bradshaw sews them by hand with the intent that they be appealing to animal lovers of all ages. She has certainly succeeded. 

Initially I wasn’t sure which I would choose, but then I spotted Henry the Fox.

You see, my brother leaves for Paris in just five (!) short weeks. Hal (whose name is actually Henry) takes his role as the youngest member of my family with grave sincerity. He has a happy knack of being able to point out the many ways that life has been different for him because he is the littlest. Whether it be that our Mum went back to work when he was still at primary school (while my older brother and I had moved into secondary schooling), or that he was left “all alone on his own” when my older brother and I moved out – he is sure to take every opportunity and remind us. 

But perhaps it is his desire for life to remain for the most part unchanged, that best shows his placement in the line of my parents offspring. In his room, Hal has a bag full of stuffed animals. Every one holds a memory that is as beloved by Hal as the toy itself – memories that I’m sure Hal fears will dissipate the moment the toy is gone. It makes me wonder whether Henry the Fox might make an appropriate companion for Hal as he embarks on his grand new adventure in just over a months time. A companion to share his wonderful new memories with.

Perhaps however, Henry might settle well in my home. He might even console me during the times when I terribly miss this brother. This brother, who for so desperately longing for life to remain unchanged, reminds me that life is forever changing.

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