At my previous job I was so fortunate to meet my (now very good) friend Allison. Whilst sharing a workplace we also shared our lives, the good, the bad and sometimes the downright ugly. When I resigned, Allison was only fairly recently pregnant with her second child and I remember feeling sad that I couldn’t be there to watch her life change as she anticipated the arrival of this new life.

A few months ago Allison contacted me, asking if I could design an invitation for her baby’s christening. She gave me free reign to design whatever inspired me. One thing I know about Ally is that she loves colour palettes that aren’t atypical. The invite was for a little boy so I wanted to avoid using too much blue. Given that Ally has fantastic taste in kids wares I was thrilled that she loved the final product.

Allison, thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your little man’s life in this way. I have always loved working with you, and am glad that I still can.

Alexander, you brought joy to so many before they had even properly met you! I can’t wait to watch you grow and get to know you more. You are very much loved and I hope your Christening will forever be a reminder of this fact.

*some of the details on the invite have been removed for privacy

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  1. allison says:

    My beautiful Ella,i couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful representation of your work to be a focal point in one of the most important days of our little Alexander’s life. The invitation not only is beautiful to me, but nothing makes me more proud than to hear from our guests that they love it also. As you know i would have to be your no.1 fan. You will be in the boys lives as much as mine, and i will be chasing you down , come the next event. Much love and congrats on your success xoxoxo ally and my boys xoxoxoox

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