I distinctly remember announcing to my parents when I was in 3rd grade that I wanted to be an author of children’s books. I attended creative writing classes and workshops – I was even part of a ‘club’ that you could submit your writing to in the hope of having it published in their magazine. I could fill diary upon notebook with my poetry and short stories, and loved nothing more than doing just that. My love for writing took a turn when I was introduced to visual art at high school. I just knew that I had found what it was I truly loved. To draw the story, to create the characters or scenery and make them come to life with vivid colours and crisp linework – it all made sense to me and I delighted in doing it.

All the same my love for children’s literature has remained – but it is less for their stories and more for their pictures. They are such a rich source of inspiration for me. I especially love children’s books from the early 20th century – so I was delighted to discover this beautiful blog last week. Sarah has done such a wonderful job collating and recording amazing illustration! The stunning Cirque Zoo may have even landed itself on my Christmas wishlist.

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