Good morning lovely ones! I’m not sure what happened to last week, but before I knew it Friday was upon me! Is it just me, or does this seem to happen more and more at this time of year? Certainly this is the case for me as the orders pour in for Christmas and I frantically try to keep on top of it all and prepare for the new year.

I just had to share the above image. Those little black marks you can see in the centre of the photo are dolphins and they completely and utterly made my day last Monday! You can make out about 4 here, but there was probably about a dozen or so (maybe even more) frolicking their way down the coast. It was early in the morning and the perfect way to celebrate the start of a new week.

Sydney certainly welcomed Summer in all her glory this weekend. It was hot and sticky and all together welcome after the slightly dreary weather we have been having. Matt and I recently purchased a camper trailer and I cannot tell you how much it made me look forward to using it over our Christmas break.

How was your weekend? Do you enjoy the heat?

This week, I’m delighted to be featured over at The Beetleshack. Em’s blog is gorgeous and inspiring and well worth popping over to. You could score yourself a few goodies from the store – stop in to find out how!

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