After I have finished work for the day, and Matt and I have cleared up from dinner – it is not uncommon for us to sit and watch our favourite program, or movie on the television. It’s a time for relaxing and unwinding…

The trouble is – I get bored. Extremely bored. And then, having spent the day at my computer, I pick up my iPhone and scroll through various social media platforms (pinterest, instagram) to amuse myself. It’s not something that I’m proud of, especially as I know that, whilst we’re not necessarily talking or spending quality time together, Matt does enjoy it when he feels we are ‘doing’ the same thing and on occasion comments have been made about computers “stealing” my attention.

For a while, I’ve joked with him that if I just had a project I could work on while I was sitting, I wouldn’t be so easily enticed by pretty pictures on said social media.

Well, now – when you stumble upon a lovely knitting project like this – in the middle of a chilly Sydney Winter, that “little project” sounds like an even better idea! Perhaps this weekend I’ll be purchasing myself some shiny knitting needles?

The picture above was taken while we were in New York earlier this year. I had known about Purl Soho, but only today did I discover the plethora of fun sewing and knitting projects available on their blog. If you’re in need of a ‘keep-my-mind-from-wandering’ project too, this could be a great place to find one.

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